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No matter how young or old you are, your teeth need expert dental care to stay healthy and promote a positive quality of life. Dr. Roger H. Koslen, DDS and his team care about the dental health and well-being of everyone in your family.

With experienced services ranging from basic cleanings to dental emergencies and everything in between, Dr. Koslen provides gentle, compassionate dentistry for all of your family’s needs. Schedule an appointment for you or a loved one 15 years of age and older today.

Foundational Dental Care for Young Children

Your child’s baby teeth play a vital role in their dental development, but their vulnerability to disease and decay could put their health at risk. To ensure healthy growth, children should see the dentist before their first birthday, once their first teeth arrive.

Regular dental visits for children are not only important for their dental care, but also for building a foundation of trust with the dentist. Dr. Koslen takes time to work with you and your child, ensuring that they feel comfortable in the dental office and explaining things to them in an age-appropriate way. By making dental visits relaxing, fun, and educational, we help your child to feel safe and cared for at the dentist, which will encourage good dental habits that last a lifetime.

Dentistry for Older Children and Teens

As primary teeth give way to permanent teeth, your child’s dental needs change. Dr. Koslen evaluates their developing teeth as they mature, ensuring that they have healthy teeth, gums, and a healthy bite as they grow closer to adulthood.

Tooth extraction may be necessary to ensure dental health. If a baby tooth does not come out or make room for adult teeth, or if there isn’t enough room for third molars (wisdom teeth) to emerge, a dental extraction will pave the way to a healthy smile. Dr. Koslen performs expert, gentle extractions for your child’s optimal oral health needs.

Many children benefit from orthodontics to correct bite issues, but traditional braces can be uncomfortable, even dangerous for active children and teens. Invisalign® clear braces may be a safer and more comfortable alternative for teens with mild to moderate alignment issues.

Gentle Dentistry in a Calm, Relaxing Environment

A safe and calm environment is just as important to your child as good dental care. With our caring office staff and clean, modern atmosphere, we provide a family-friendly environment for you and your loved ones in every visit.

We are proud to serve families of all shapes and sizes from our conveniently located dental practice in Naples, FL. Call (239) 594-8108 and schedule an appointment for your family today!

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