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With modern advances in aesthetics, it’s never been easier to achieve that youthful glow you’ve been chasing. The office of Roger H. Koslen, D.D.S., P.A. in Naples, Florida, is more than just a dentistry practice. Headed up by Dr. Roger H. Koslen, he provides convenient, safe BOTOX® and Juvederm® treatments that provide highly effective anti-aging results. To find out more, call or schedule a consultation online today.

Aesthetics Q & A

What are aesthetics?

Aesthetics are cosmetic procedures that help reverse a multitude of signs of aging. The field of aesthetics is constantly advancing and its procedures are becoming increasingly popular. With aesthetics, you can achieve a more youthful, glowing appearance that can boost your self-confidence immensely.  

With aesthetics, you can improve the appearance of cosmetic flaws, such as:

  • Wrinkles
  • Forehead lines
  • Facial creases and folds
  • Decreased facial volume, particularly around the cheeks and lips
  • Thin lips

This is an excellent anti-aging treatment option. Each year, tens of millions of American adults choose to undergo aesthetic procedures to enhance their appearance.

What types of aesthetics are available?

With Dr. Kolsen, he offers two game-changing types of aesthetics:


BOTOX® is the brand name of a toxin that when injected into your skin, causes the temporary paralysis of muscles that contract and cause wrinkles. These injections, typically in the forehead, limit the contraction of facial muscles and prevent deep aging lines.


This dermal gel filler is injected below the skin to add facial fullness or improve the appearance of fullness and wrinkles. Juvederm® fillers are most often used on the cheeks, around the mouth and nose, or to plump up thin lips.

With both BOTOX® and Juvederm®, treatment plans vary and typically require multiple in-office sessions to achieve optimal results. In most cases, you’ll begin to notice results within a week or two weeks at most.

Are there side effects associated with aesthetics?

Yes, when Dr. Kolsen administers aesthetic treatments, the procedures are very safe. He takes every precaution to make sure you have a comfortable experience. However, as is the case with all medical procedures, complications are possible. You may experience one or more of the following side effects:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Pain at injection site
  • Infection
  • Headaches
  • Fever

Typically, any discomfort you feel after aesthetic procedures is temporary and will disappear on its own. If anything alarming persists for more than a day or two following a procedure, make sure to let the office know right away.

To schedule a consultation for either BOTOX® or Juvederm®, call or use the online booking tool today and set up a time to come in.

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